Lash Care

Proper care is extremely important so that you can maintain the shape and style of  and get the most use out of your false lashes.


  • When removing your false lashes from the tray, be sure to use your thumb to lightly push down from the band and pull the lash from the tray. Remove carefully. Do not pull the lash from the tray from the individual fibers as this can damage the shape of the lash. 
  • We do not recommend applying mascara on our false lashes. Applying mascara to your natural lashes and letting it dry completely before applying false lashes however will help your natural lashes to blend with the false lashes.
  • We do not recommend submerging your false lashes or cleaning your false lashes with any oils as this can damage the shape of the lash.
    • To clean your lashes, we recommend removing and peeling off excess glue with tweezers and a q-tip soaked in makeup remover. Once you are finished removing excess glue, you can brush the lashes back to their original shape with a clean spoolie.  Place back onto the tray to maintain the shape of the lash. Keeping your lashes in their original Saucy Lashes case when they are not being used will help keep them clean from dust or any other unwanted particles on your false lashes. :)